Blog #73, Day 81.

Monday November 14th, 2016 at 10:07 PM.

I am ready for bed.

I got such a terrible night of sleep, and I am almost excited to go to bed tonight. I think I am going to sleep really well, because I did not take any naps today and I am just tired. Although, I will actually probably get into bed and be wide awake, because that is how my brain works.

Tonight I had to go to a building meeting so that the RA could tell us what they expect us to do before Thanksgiving break. I didn’t even know that it was mandatory to leave over Thanksgiving break. I am a little worried that I am going to end up getting charged because of my roommate. She has a lot of contraband in our dorm. Also, she never goes to the “mandatory” meetings, so I am guessing she is not going to go to this one (you could go today, tomorrow, or Wednesday). I will probably get stuck having to do everything before I leave. We have to be out by 10 AM on Wednesday. I am leaving on Tuesday, but I have a feeling she will either not come at all that week or just come on Monday.

My roommate is actually not here right now. She was but I assume she went to one of the colleges that is near ours. That might affect my sleep though. I don’t think that I am worried about her, it is just that every time I hear the door rattle I think it is her coming in.

It vaguely reminds me of always waiting for my mom to come through the door.

I did this work out in my dorm yesterday, and I do not work out often, or at all really, but now I am so sore. I had to walk up so many stairs today and it was so painful.

I am hoping that I have all my work done for tomorrow, obviously I have my calculus stuff done, but I feel like I did not do enough today.

Of course,  I went to my professor’s office hours, and I pretty sure that I finished the activity, but at this point I do not even know what I do not know. There’s a fucking riddle.

I got a wrap today, that was wanting all day long, and it was very disappointing. Like most things here.

Tomorrow I have to go to the library for English and it is so much further away, and I still do not have my earbuds. Now, when I see people using their earbuds I get a weird bitter feeling inside of me.

My friend and I played Mario Kart today, and Wii Sports.

I will miss her. A lot.

I still have not put a deposit down on the school I got into, I should probably get on that.

It is now 10:21 PM.

If I went to bed right now I would only get 9 hours and 20 minutes. I will probably get 6.

My high of the day – dinner with my friend, even though it was disappointing. My low of the day – only sleeping for 5 hours.




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