Blog #70, Day 78.

Friday November 11th, 2016 at 10:29 PM.

I was going to wait to start writing at 11:11 PM just to see how it feels to be that type of person, but I could not bring myself to do it. I also did not want to put it off and end up forgetting.

I am currently alone in my dorm, the way I like it. I am eating a Pop-Tart and I am a little concerned what will happen when I do not have any left (Cue nervous face emoji).

5 weeks left, I just have to keep saying it to myself.

My friend went home as usual. I was going to try to hang out with her roommate, but she had a swim meet, and I just don’t want to text her so I am not going to.

Having to go to all 4 classes was terrible. I haven’t had to go to all 4 classes in one day since last Wednesday.

Also, this time last week I was at home.

It ended up taking two hours to finish my computer science test, so that was a great time. I could tell that he was really stresses because he was helping/answering questions non-stop.

My calculus professor still did not have the tests graded, but I am not really to upset about. Also though, she is one of the most understanding//lenient professors I think I have here. Today she said that because she is behind in her work she understands if we got behind in ours and moved the assignment that was due today to being due on Monday. Which is like kind of cool, but at the same time I already had it ready to hand in, so it also bothers me because I came prepared and all these other kids who weren’t are not going to face any sort of penalty. Now that  I think of it my English professor is like that too, you know the one that cancels class to grade papers, but still doesn’t have any papers to hand back.

Oh and my English professor tried to do that teacher thing that when they think you are distracted or not paying attention they call on you. Yeah, he did that to me today. Our class ends at 11:10 AM and he always goes over time, but I have a class at 11:20 so I need to get out of there as soon as possible. So today I was packing up my stuff because it was 11:10 AM and he tried to call on me to catch me off guard, but like bitch please. I already had answer prepared, so suck it. I was pissed, if you couldn’t tell.

And I fell asleep at like 5:45 PM and didn’t wake up until 8:00 PM. Fucking, naps are sort of becoming my thing. I did only get like 5 hours of sleep last night though so that’s my excuse. I was actually going to take a nap from 9:20 AM to 10:05 AM, which is after my first class but before my second class. I did not though, because I thought I had to show some self control.

Finished my Pop-Tart, already want another one. I need to be stopped.

It is now 10:46 PM.

I am going to waste the rest of my night on the internet.

My high of the day – I decided to go to this discussion thing with my professor. My low of the day – I drank my last lemon flavored water.

I just wanted to add something, which is that I think my true personality is starting to come through my writing. I don’t know I just thought that that was something interesting to see over the progression on these blog posts.




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