Blog #69, Day 77.

Thursday November 10th, 2016 at 11:29 PM.

This is gonna be a quick one.

I was dumb today and waited till 11:00 PM to start a paper that is due tomorrow. I also just remembered that I did not do any of my computer science test.

I am not ready for tomorrow.

I am going to have four classes tomorrow. That is going to kill me.

I keep saying to myself only 5 weeks left and only 12 days until I go home.

I am so dumb.

I think my roommate left for the weekend today, so that’s something good.

Also, I did not leave my building at all, but did shower. I think showering was the most productive thing I did all day.

It is now 11:33 PM.

I got to go finish this paper.

My high of the day – I took a nap, although in retrospect not a great decision. My low of the day – being fucking stupid!!!





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