Blog #66, Day 74.

Monday November 7th, 2016 at 9:49 PM.

I just painted my nails maybe five minutes ago, they are already chipped/smudged. What a waste of time.

Today felt like it went by incredibly slow.

I came back into my room at like 8:15 PM, and my roommate had all of the lights off while blasting Netflix. This is why I like it better when she is not here. Genuinely though, I always use my earbuds, she on the other hand never does. I feel like using your earbuds is just the cordial thing to do when you are not alone.

I was going to do more work when I got back to my dorm, but I did not want to turn the lights on. I would feel bad, I do not know why because I know she would have no problem doing it to me.

I have a calculus test tomorrow, actually in less than twelve hours. That’s great.  Anyway I think I underestimated how hard it was going to be and I am actually starting to freak out and panic a little bit. Mostly because it id the only A I have, and I am trying to hold on to that for dear life. I did do the practice test, which does closely resemble the exam, but I just do not feel like this is going to go well. I am scared, or nervous, and worried. Yeah this is not going to go well.

I had to bring my rough draft to my Politics class, which was the second paper I wrote yesterday, apparently it was supposed to be four pages. I had one. Whoops.

Can not stop thinking about this stupid test.

If I were to fall asleep in thirty minutes I would get nine hours of sleep. Sounds nice. Also sounds unrealistic.

I actually think that my roommate is going to bed right now.

I do not even have the clothes I am going to sleep in on.  It is kind of weird, because normally I am the first when to go to sleep. I think she is trying to step up her game, and actually act like she is in college. For example she went to one of her classes today. But seriously I do think she is trying to do better, probably because she is trying to transfer too.

I also apparently have a whole bunch of paper work to do before I transfer, but no one knows when I need to do it by.

I went to my computer science professor’s office hours, he never came, I was pissed. I have a test that is due Friday, that’ll be interesting.

I still have to pick out my clothes for tomorrow, in the dark. It’ll be easy though, just my basic jeans and a sweater. Ah simplicity.

Speaking of clothes (I tried to have a transition, still not a great one, but I tried), I have been searching for days for a nice pair of boots. I have been trying to find a pair of Chelsea boots, but I can not seem to find the perfect pair. I am also an incredibly picky person, so it just kind of comes with the territory.

It is now 10:04 PM.

My high of the day – my English professor telling us that class is cancelled until Friday. My low of the day – going to office hours and not getting help, but also not helping myself on preparing for my calculus test.




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