Blog #61, Day 68.

Tuesday November 1st, 2016 at 11:32 PM.

Today was a crazy day.

It started out normal, almost relaxing because I only had three of my classes. But, after lunch my friend texted me saying something is wrong with her roommate, who is also my friend. I thought she was going to say that she just messed something up in their room, but it turns out that she was in a lot of pain. So me and my friend went to call our school’s wellness center, but no one was answering. We eventually got an RA and he called another number that would come pick her up and take her to the wellness center. I didn’t go with them because I figured the less people the better, but five minutes later a got a text saying that they were standing outside because the door was locked. So I ended up walking down to the wellness center, and it took me like ten minutes, but it was off campus and I thought I was lost at one point. Anyway, the wellness center here turns out to be the least helpful place ever, at orientation they told us it was a clinic, and that you could get help at anytime. When they finally got in they were not going to see her because she didn’t have an appointment. I was confused. I don’t think they really did anything for her, so then we went to the hospital. I know I complain about our school being in the middle of nowhere a lot,  but the hospital was like fifteen minutes away, and it was really small. It was also a little sketchy. But once again it is in the middle of nothing and no one really. Me and my friend and another kid waited together for four hours, and I think I stood for three of them. The boy that drove us (the kid from before) did offer me the chair first and again after a while. He was really nice. I actually missed one class, but I thought I had a good excuse. The doctor eventually came in and basically said that they did not find anything wrong.

I actually ended up getting most of my work done when we got back, but I did not writr a complete rough draft, but I had no idea what I was doin anyway. I finished my reading though, which for some reason was more important to me than the essay. I also of course got my calculus stuff done.

Other than that not much happened.

It is now 11:45 PM.

My high of the day – I think I made a good friend decision when I decided to go to the hospital with them. My low of the day – not knowing what to talk about in a waiting room with a bunch of old people. Realistically my low is actually not finishing that essay.



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