Blog #57, Day 64.

Friday October 28th, 2016 at 11:57 PM.

It is now 12:13 AM.

I got home about 30 minutes ago, from the comedy show.

It is now 12:19 AM.

I had to take a short break to put a fish fry my mom brought home into the oven.

Anyway, the stand up comedian was great, so was his opener. The show was actually at one of the local colleges in my hometown. We went to that college and then we went to walk around the campus of her college. Another somewhat local college, she is a commuter. Either way, both of the college looked so much more “college-y” than my school. Plus, her school hads tunnels. Although it did kind of look like an expensive high school, which I guess is what college sort of is. Sort of.

I think I am actually tired. I say that now, but I won’t be as soon as I lay down.

It is now 12:35 AM.

I keep getting distracted.

I am going to go watch Project Runway.

My high of the day – the comedy show. Obviously. My low of the day – my dog basically ignored me when I walked into the house, and I was the only one here.




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