Blog #54, Day 61.

Tuesday October 25th, 2016 at 10:50 PM.

I actually had a pretty busy today. I feel like I walked a lot more than I usually do.

I think I actually spent more time outside of my dorm, than I did inside. The only reason I was in my dorm today was to do homework and to read(which I guess is also technically homework).

I finished all of the things of my to-do list, which is probably the first and last time that’ll happen in a good amount of time. If anyone was ever curious how many times I could use the word time in a sentence, it is pretty often.

I have to write an analysis of a mass media spoof/parody so I chose the SNL cold open of the second debate. I think this will be a difficult paper to write since we have to write about how it was written and not the subject matter. I think it will be difficult to avoid not talking about the debate, and the election.

I was able to get the take home portion of my computer science test. I went back to his office hours, and he did it with (for) me. I am worried that if I have to take the class again at a different college I will get a professor who is not as willing to help as he is.

A weird thing about my computer science is that there is this kid who always brings up that I am transferring, and normally it is fine. But today, I just got slammed with question form the people in class and the people at the office hours. The one girl I met, that is also in my computer science class, she kind of stood up for me though. That was cool.

Played a lot of Mario Kart today, and that’// probably be what I do on Thursday, and tomorrow, as a matter of fact.

It was really cold on my way back at 8:30 PM, it is actually still cold. My friend and I are convinced that the heaters in our dorms/building are not on.

I was able to get my calculus notes and calculus quiz done for tomorrow and Friday. That is one less thing I will have to worry and panic to get done on Thursday. What I really need to do is start the reading due Friday for my Politics class, it’s forty pages, but that is the least I have had to read in one sitting so I am not as worried as a should be about getting it done.

My roommate still is not back.

I guess a little background is needed, because I forgot that she got back after I posted last night.

Last night, she came back at around 11:20 PM, which was fine. Then she got on the phone and started arguing (I am not really sure if this is the right word, but they were going back and forth from what I could hear). Anyway I think he was basically saying he wanted to take a break and she did not want that, and she wanted to know why. She also wanted to know why he said they were fine the night before, and why they were not now. She basically told him that if he hung up on her that he would never hear from her again. She also said that if he did not tell her by 11:35 PM, she was going to get in her car and drive home. And that is what she did. On one hand, I was like “yeah, good for you telling it how it is and sticking to your word”, but on the other hand I did not really think that it was good idea for her to drive while she was upset, on the phone, and almost in tears. She actually did not have her car here until Monday, so yesterday was the first day she had it here and she drove home. Her parents originally were not going to let her have it because they thought it would be a distraction.

I guess parents really do know best.

It is now 11:14 PM.

My high of the day – knowing I got at least 20 points on my computer science test. My low of the day – my online calculus quiz answer was 1/7838208, which is basically 0, and since she has us write it as 0 in our workbook, and the answer is 0 in our workbook if a number is that small, I entered 0. I attempted the problem 12 times until finally I put it in as the fraction. I had it right the whole time. That was annoying.





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