Blog #53, Day 60.

Monday October 24th, 2016 at 10:29 PM.

IT has been a basic Monday, all four classes just takes it out of me.

I also have this really weird pain in my back. I am very nonathletic nor I am a an active person, so I really should not be sore/hurt for any reason.

I got an email from my English professor a couple of hours ago and I thought that he was going to say that class is cancelled. Mostly because in the notification on my phone I can only see who the email is from and the first couple of words, which were “Tomorrow’s class will be”. Sheer disappointment.

I got my summary paper back from my Politics class and I only got an 84. I thought I did better than that, that is the worst. Thinking you are doing something really well and then getting back a lower score than you expected.

I also had to go to my computer science professor’s office hours, again. I will also be back there tomorrow. I still have to do the take-home portion of the test, but I think he said he will help me with it. I also asked him today if he thought I was going to pass, he said “yup” with a head nod. The only thing is that I need a C, since it is a degree requirement, and that it probably will not even transfer over. I probably will have to take computer science all over again. That’ll suck because I probably will not get a professor that is as willing to help me as the one I have now.

Also, I just remembered that I had to take a grammar quiz in English today. He gave us seven minutes to fix five sentences. Which really was not a lot of time. Plus, he would countdown every thirty seconds and tell us we only had x amount of time left. That was annoying and stressful, maybe more annoying because it was stressful.

Something to look forward to tomorrow: only three classes.

I need to finish my computer science test! That is the most important thing I have to do tomorrow.

Knowing my life, I am probably going to get swamped in homework tomorrow.

I was also struggling to find something to wear tomorrow, because I am out of hoodies, and it has been really cold and will be tomorrow.

I am actually really worried for tomorrow. Pray for me.

It is now 10:43 PM.

My high of the day – Playing Mario Kart with my friend again, for close to two hours. My low of the day – getting that 84 kinda sucked.




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