Blog #50, Day 57.

Friday October 21st, 2016 at 10:10 PM.

I woke up this morning at 6:00 AM and I could not fall back asleep so I wasted an hour and a half on my phone.

It has rained all day, actually is has not stopped raining since last night.

I have also convinced myself that I do not know how to use an umbrella, because even with I was still soaked. My backpack was drenched all day long.

I took my computer science test, might as well of handed it in blank, because I do not foresee getting much higher than a zero.

I also went to an appointment with my English professor. I was worried that he would tell me that I need to start over. He didn’t. However, he did do a lot of talking. I had one paragraph, not even paragraph, just a sentence and he would not move on from it. He would try, he would continue reading, but then go back to it again. He did it at least seven times. Then at the end he passively told me that I should have been taking notes, why wouldn’t you say that at the beginning.  I am just trying to get a better grade on this paper.

I went to the dining hall for dinner tonight, and there were at least a hundred elementary kids there. Too many in my opinion.

I did steal a bagel from the dining hall though, I do not think it will last till tomorrow.

I am actually surprised that I went to my classes today. It would have been an easy day to talk myself into not going.

I had the opportunity to go home, sort of. I decided to stay though. I do not really mind being here if I am alone in my dorm. To be honest I do not mind being alone.

Now that I think about it I actually have a lot of stuff to do this weekend. I will probably wait till Sunday.

I really hope that I am able to go home next weekend though. Even though after that, I will probably have to stay here till Thanksgiving , which is weird to think about. My Thanksgiving break actually starts a in month. After that there will only be three weeks of the semester left.

Normally it is so hot in my room, but I think I am actually cold. I think.

It is now 10:30 PM.

My high of the day – playing and really getting into Mario Kart with my friend. My low of the day – the dinner options at the dining hall sucked today. Also being surrounded my small children, they just make me uncomfortable.

Also I am very surprised that I have done this fifty times. I do not think I have ever committed to something as much as I have this.




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