Blog #46, Day 53.

Monday October 17th, 2016 at 11:05 PM.

I did not get anything done today. Actually, I did do my laundry so I completed my goal for the day.

I am not happy that I have to go back tomorrow at all. These few days went by way too fast.

I should probably have went to bed already, but I just do not want to. I guess I am just enjoying my last few hours at home.

My mom did get food for me to take back so that’s good.

I really do not have anything to say about today. I also just want to lay in my bed and not think about anything.

It is now 11:08 PM.

My high of the day – getting my laundry done. My low of the day – putting everything off because I know once I do it I will have to go back to school,  and I do not want to be reminded of that.




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