Blog #43, Day 50.

Friday October 14th at 1:00 AM. So technically it is Saturday, but I’m going to consider it Friday.

I am home.

I had a pretty normal day, except I was actually really tired. My roommate was skyping until 1:30 AM, with the light on. She then decided to watch Netflix til 4:30 AM, with the light on. I was pissed.

I got my American Politics midterm back, I got an 84. The two multiple choice questions I thought I got wrong,  I got wrong. The average grade for the class was a 60 so I guess I did alright considering this. I think I would rather know what the highest grade was rather than what the average grade was. I got called on to read my answers twice. He was calling on those who answered the short answer questions well and got the whole ten points on them.

Remember when I said that I was starting to come around to my English professor. I lied. I got my first essay back which was not a good grade. I am angry about it. He also made me stay after because after cancelling class three times to grade these papers he still had one left, which was mine. I have a class five minutes after my English class, so I was not happy about that, or the grade. All I can say is that at least I passed.

Once I got home, I went to to my friend’s house. We just watched TV and YouTube videos.

Other than that I mostly spent the day waiting to get home.

I will be home til Tuesday, and I kind of felt bad/guilty leaving my stuff in my dorm. As if I were abandoning it or something.

It is now 1:11 AM.

My high of the day- laying in my own bed in my own room, not shared with anyone else. My low of the day-the ride back home.




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