Blog #42, Day 49.

Thursday October 13th, 2016 at 10:03 PM.

I finished my two papers today. I actually finished the one last night, but I printed out both of them today.

I had to go to the library for about three hours today to write them and get them printed.  I actually went to both of the libraries today.

Our building had no internet today at all. At first I thought the wifi was just not working, but I have my own router and it still was not working. I have the Ethernet plug in right above my desk and that did not even work.

I had to go to the ITS help desk which is the first library we went to, because I could not log into the school’s computer. Just some background before I go into the next part, I woke up with 1600 emails on my school email account and all of them send that an email I sent could not be delivered even though I never tried to send an email. The email was also some really weird email signed from a lieutenant sergeant talking about a box in Afghanistan. Anyway the email I received would list all the people I tried to send it to, I was just really worried to be honest. So I went down and told the girl at the help desk and it turns out that about half of the students at our school had their emails “compromised”. There was also network outages throughout the whole campus. Seems a little fishy to me. I am just really curious what happened.

My friend straightened my hair and did my makeup at like 7:45 PM. It looked really good, her and her roommate agreed. Which is a weird thing to tell someone who never wear makeup because it kind of implies that I don’t normally. You know what I mean?

I have to say I am so happy and relieved that I did my calculus homework for tomorrow on Tuesday.

I was really mad when there was not any internet, mostly because of how long it took them to fix it, but also because it made me realize how much I rely on internet. And that was too much. There was nothing I could do without. Mostly because no professor would accept a hand written paper and a lot of my classes are extremely based on the internet. I could have typed up my paper on WordPad but I use Google Docs normally. I would not have been able to print it though because I have a wireless printer. I guess the older generations are right when they say that us “kids” rely on our technology too much.

It is now 10:24 PM.

My roommate just started skyping, and they are talking about weed brownies.

I am going home tomorrow, but I have a feeling that I will not be out of here until like eight o’clock, which sucks.

It is now 10:28 PM.

My high of the day- printing out my papers. My low of the day- having to delete 1600 emails.




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