Blog #41, Day 48.

Wednesday October 12th, 2016 at 11:25 PM.

Only two days until I go home.

I had my American Politics midterm today, and I definitely should have studied just a tad bit more. I do not think I did terrible, but I could have definitely done better if I would have really put forth effort into the book review study questions. On the bright side, I think I finished the paper I had to do for the class. We had to hand in a rough draft about two weeks ago, and he reviewed them and wrote comments on them for us to improve on. He also gave us a grade the we would get if we turned that paper in as is, mine was a seventy. Which wasn’t a huge deal because I did only do it the night before and I really didn’t know what I was doing. I have to say that I will be really upset if the paper I had in gets less than a seventy because I have worked a lot on it today, and it would be frustrating that I did all of the work and did not improve. Especially if I am thinking that I did a better job than on the first one.

Other than that, I mostly just went to my classes and tried to get through the day. I also realized that I did a whole other problem wrong on my calculus test, so know I would be more than excited if I passed.

I did not get any help for computer science today. Normally, if I need to I will just stay after class, but I didn’t today, and it isn’t because I didn’t need help. There was a lot of contractions in that last sentence.

I still have to do my English paper, but he changed the due date till next week. I have to say that I think I am coming around to this professor. He also told us that he did not want us to work on the paper over break, he just wants us to enjoy our days off. He did warn us to not take an “extended” break though. During class he asked if any of us were feeling crushed by this week and just about all of us raised our hands.

I also got some flaming hot Cheetos from the vending machine and they were kind of disappointing to say the least. I didn’t even finish them. I did have a good wrap today tough. I feel like wraps are the only thing that my school can make really well.

I am happy to be done with my calculus test, midterm, and at least one of my papers. I have started the other one and I think that if I really sat down and tried to do it I would get it done.

It is now 11:42 PM.

My roommate just put aluminum in the microwave, for three minutes. I am not saying anything because I do not know what to say. Besides S.O.S.

Anyway I am just going to move on.

It is now 11:45 PM.

Good news my microwave did not burst into flames.

My high of the day-I actually did my calculus homework yesterday for today and Friday so that was a great thing to realize. I also already finished the quiz for Friday. My low of the day-the heat in my dorm is almost unbearable, my face is actually red.




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