Blog #40, Day 47.

Tuesday October 11th, 2016 at 10:53 PM.

I just finished answering review questions for my American Politics midterm tomorrow.

Today wasn’t too bad. I had my calculus test, which I think I did pretty terrible on. At this point I would be happy if I got a passing grade. If anyone knows about approximating definite integrals with the trapezoid rule, you would also probably know that you have to multiply the inner terms by two, which I did not do. There goes ten points.

I also went down to get help with computer science, that’ll probably start to be my normal Monday and Tuesday routine. Except for next week of course since I have my midterm break.I am definitely looking forward to not having to go to any classes. I have to say that this week has been pretty stressful so far though. I did not really worry too much about the tests I had this week, but I am definitely worrying now. I really have no idea how I will do on my American Politics midterm, hopefully well. I need a class that is going to boost my GPA. I mean I am trying to get into college.

I also went o the library today to try and get my paper for English done. It didn’t happen. I also have to rewrite a whole paper for American Politics that is due Friday. I was supposed to do the rough draft for my English paper yesterday, but I half-assed(spelling is very questionable)  it and so now I have a lot of work to do. I am such a procrastinator and I do not know what to do about it.

I guess I really did not do too much today.

I did eat lunch and dinner at the dining hall though.

As I am writing this I am starting to think about what my high of the day is, and I honestly have no clue. Sometimes that part is the hardest to write about. I also feel like I use the same ones multiple times.

On Monday I thought that I would be able to get all of this stuff done by Wednesday, so that I could try and go home on Wednesday. Nothing got done.

People in the hallways are being really loud. The RA was also redoing the bulletin board earlier and it is on the opposite wall that my bed is against.

This is kind of random, but my roommate just mentioned something about tattoos and it reminded me that I have a tattoo. I can not see my tattoo since it is on the back of my arm, so I forget that I have it all of the time.

It is now 11:15 PM.

I will probably be up til like 12:30 AM, again. Last night/early this morning I had to go pee, but the bathroom was closed for cleaning, and I ended up not being able to fall back asleep for like an hour. Plus it happened two hours before I had to get up to get ready, so it was also really disappointing.

My high of the day-laying in bed after my second class of the day. My low of the day- I lost on 8 Ball Pool for like the twentieth time in two days.




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