Blog #39, Day 46.

Monday October 10th, 2016 at 11:30 PM.

Today has been a long day to say the least.

I have two papers due Friday, a midterm tomorrow, and a midterm on Wednesday. I am going to assume that this week will be nothing but a bundle of joy. Major sarcasm alert.

I actually had a pretty busy day today. I had all of my classes and got assignments in all of my classes. It is college isn’t it. I also had to go to this mandatory fire training at 8:00 PM so I had to schedule my work around that. I actually made a schedule for myself before my last class so that I could keep myself on track. I ended up doing two things on it, three if I include the fire training.

I ended up going to my computer science professor’s office hours which took out a good chunk of time.

Of my two papers that I wanted to write tonight I only did one and I did not even finish it. I also took a paragraph from something else he had us write before, which I am pretty sure is plagiarism. I personally would not call it that seeing as it is a similar assignment and my own work, but I don’t know, and it is just a rough draft. That is probably really bad, but how can you plagiarize from yourself. Right? My English professor also went over some common mistakes made on our first essay and one of them was comma splices. I defintely use too many commas when writing and I just put them wherever it looks or sounds good. He only handed back maybe six essays, minded you he cancelled two classes to get some grading and he has only graded six. Side note: this is something that really bothers me about teachers/professors. They also tell you not to wait til the last minute to do your work and to have it done on time, but they themselves do not even do that so ehy would they expect us to? I guess they do have a lot more degrees, but I still find it bothersome. Anyway I did not get mine back so who knows maybe I did not use too many commas.

The fire training was long and basically just a documentary to watch. The presenters were actually two burn victims of a fatal college dormitory fire. It did take two hours to get through though. Currently my roommate has a candle burning and I feeling extremely guilty. Plus, I am pessimist so know I will fall asleep with the expectation of waking up to a fire drill. I do think it is strange that they waited this long to have a meeting about fire safety. I mean we have been living here for over six weeks.

I also found out that we have calculus homework due tomorrow, so I rushed through that and did it all wrong. I personally believe that some points are better than zero points. I also think I am going to fail the test tomorrow, actually it is in less ten hours.

It is now 11:50 PM.

My high of the day- I had a pretty good chicken finger wrap. My low of the day- not getting anything that I wanted to get done today. So overall I already know I will have a great start to my day tomorrow. At least I only have three classes.




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