Blog #38, Day 45.

Sunday October 9th, 2016 at 9:04 PM.

Big surprise, I once again did not leave my dorm. I must admit that this is getting a little ridiculous to have to say. I am also  watching/listening to the debate as I am writing this. So it’ll probably take awhile to finish it since I will be going back and forth between the two.

So remember when I said that I thought nothing would happen last night? Nothing life changing happened, but something kind of rude and a little gross. I am not really sure if I should write this, because I have not told anyone but maybe it will be funny once I look back on it. Realistically it will probably still make me angry.

So here it goes. The reason I am not sure about writing this is because it is personal, but not personal for me. Last night my roommate texted me at 11:30 PM that her boyfriend has come up and surprised her for the night. To which I responded not a problem, which it kind of turned out to be. She ended up coming back with him at around midnight, and they were actually really quiet coming in. I was not asleep yet though so I just acted like I was. She ended up turning on her lamp, which ended up being on til 2:00 AM, was just one of the things that I found to be annoying. They eventually started to make out, which sounds disgusting, and honestly what do you need the light on for when doing that. I eventually fell asleep, but I woke up and fell asleep multiple times last night. I woke up at 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM to him snoring. Then at 5:00 AM to them having sex. Which is where it switches from annoying to rude. I just find it so disrespectful to have sex when someone is less than six feet away. Like why?? Why do that to me, I do not need to know that you are having sex. Plus, he drove his car up here, they definitely could have done it in there. Then I woke up at 7:00 AM since he slammed our door, twice. Then I fell asleep til about 10:00 AM, and he was gone and she was getting ready to leave. Anyway, I was/am really annoyed about it. Also just by the way I did not listen. I put my earbuds in and blasted my music as loud as I could.

It is now 9:33 PM.

On the debate: Trump is a joke. All he wants to talk about are the emails. Anderson Cooper is not having it though, he has basically yelled at him to not interrupt Hillary and has not really let him go over on his time. Go Anderson!! (He is also making sure that she is not going over her time.)Trump is literally just standing there, he does not even try to make it look like he is listening to her. Trump has claimed that it is three against one, always the victim.

I really think Anderson Cooper is doing a good job. He is not afraid to tell them to answer the question that he is asking. He also just says “thank you” when their time is up. I am a little bias though since I have always like Anderson Cooper.

It is now 9:40 PM.

I cannot decide if I want to end this here or after the debate, but I am leaning to ending it here since the debate will not be over til at least 10:30 PM. It pretty much depends on if something crazy is said.

It is now 10:09 PM.

Trump has just said that he disagrees with his running mate, and does not support his stance. I mostly came back to write that both moderators are keeping these two in check, and are by the best moderators so far. Hillary did finally cave and interrupt him so she could correct him with some actual facts. I also really pee but I still have at least another twenty minutes before that is a possibility, but I could probably get it on my phone. I will have to figure that out in a hot minute. Trump is getting upset that she is not being stopped when she goes over and says that he is stopped immediately. I really just can’t with him, he is genuinely in his own world.

It is now 10:48 PM.

I am actually done writing now.

My high of the day-not doing any homework. My low of the day-being woken up throughout the night.



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