Blog #36, Day 43.

Friday October 7th, 2016 at 9:36 PM.

I decided to start this now so that I will not forget to do it later. Also because I highly doubt that anything life changing will happen before I go to bed.

Half of my classes were cancelled today so that was nice. Once again, I told myself that I would come back from calculus and go back to sleep, but I did not.

I really did not do anything at all today. I did not even do any homework since it is Friday. I am still watching Parenthood though. I have to say that there are a lot of tear worthy moments in that show.

I am expecting that I will do the same thing I did last weekend, which is practically nothing. My friend left again this weekend, as she does every weekend. I think it bothers me because I wish that I could be going home every weekend.

I was again bought to much candy. I actually  walked all by myself to the science building for a vending machine with desirable items in it.

I am trying to make it to season five of Parenthood, but I tend to get distracted by YouTube videos.

My roommate turned the light off as I started writing this, but she went down to our building’s vending machine(the beverage one), but since I am on the wall side I feel like she can see what I am doing on computer when I walk in; which makes me wonder if she ever sees me writing this blog. Also, I have no idea whether or not I used that semi colon in the right way.

I actually have not told anyone that I have been writing a blog, so I guess I am curious whether or not she is curious as to why I am typing so much before bed. At first I thought that she assumed  I am doing an assignment, but I have been doing this for the past forty days so I am starting to think other wise.

I am now off to watch Parenthood and YouTube.

My high of the day-finally got a KitKat. My low of the day-forgetting to do my calculus homework that was due today.

It is now 9:50 PM.




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