Blog #35, Day 42.

Thursday October 6th, 2016 at 9:55 PM.

Today has been the same as any other Thursday. I stayed in my dorm for the greater part of the day and then I went to meet with one of my professors. I also showered, still do not like it. I did not even bother leaving my dorm to eat.

I also did not have a lot of homework to do like I did last week, so that was nice. All I actually did today was my calculus notes and calculus quiz. I am sure that I had some English homework to do, but I did not do it. I think I am actually starting to like my English class, mostly because it has been cancelled again for tomorrow. I think this is like the fourth time in two weeks that he has cancelled it, which I am completely fine with.

I spent a lot of time in my bed today, I did not actually get up until 11:15 AM. I am not really sure what time I fell asleep last night but it was definitely after midnight.

The quiet hours in our dorm hall start at 10:00 PM on weekdays, and someone just now decided to start blasting there music, it is 10:01 PM. Weird I feel like that should have been own its’ own, like all of my time updates are.

Something I have been noticing as I write these more is that I have been starting to put the word “like” into my sentences as if I were actually speaking aloud. I think that it is a regional thing. I promise I will try to stop using it, I know that it can be annoying. It is actually really difficult to stop using “like” once you begin to try to, especially when you are speaking.

My friend said that she would be back at 8:00 PM, and I honestly do not think she is. Disregard all of that because she just texted me that she is back. She texted me because she needs me to bring something to her from my room, but why can’t you just come and get it. Ya know? Why do I have to walk all the way to your room.

The meeting with the professor went alright, we mostly just talked about the my rough draft of a different assignment. This other assignment is a summary of article, which I did not do to the best of my abilities, I guess. It is kind of ironic that I was not able to write a summary seeing as that is what I pretty much do every single night.

Next week will probably be pretty stressful, I think I will have three midterms which is better than four, I guess. I probably will not pass my calculus midterm.

It is now 10:13 PM.

The music is still playing. I also still have to go her dorm, but that might end up being a battle of wills.

My high of the day-I made some teriyaki noodles, that were pretty good, but they did take twelve minutes in the microwave. My low of the day- I had to wash out the bowl that I made the noodles in, washing anything here kind of sucks.

It is 10:17 PM.

As I was just about to publish this my roommate starts talking, on Skype. This bothers me, mostly because she could’ve definitely done this earlier, like(sorry) why wait till now to start this.

I am going to try to get to bed before midnight, but also I feel like I am jinxing myself saying so.

I have also decided to take back the cards, but only because I want to leave my dorm now. So I still win the battle. No, really I do.




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