Blog #33, Day 40.

Tuesday October 4th, 2016 at 9:59 PM .

I am currently listening to the Vice Presidential Debate, but I missed the first forty minutes so I am not really too much into it. I am only keeping it on so that I can say I watched it in my politics class tomorrow.

I have been watching for about fifteen minutes now and all I can say is that Mike Pence has a tendency to go over his time limit. My friend from back home has said that I have missed a few good jabs, so I will watch to see those.

I had to go and get some extra help for my computer science class, my experience in computer science is just a shitshow.

I am not ready to have all four of my classes tomorrow.

I did actually did come back and take a nap after my first class today. My roommate woke me up multiple times last night.I did not end up falling asleep until 1:00 AM. She was on her laptop all night with her brightness all the way up-that woke me up at like 2:30 AM. Then she slammed the door at 5:00 AM, and then I woke up to her alarm, then I woke up to mine.

I am also really hoping that my calculus professor takes the midterm evaluations seriously, and makes some changes for the better.

I also forgot that I had to read my book for American Politics. The book is about how a bill becomes a law and it has been eight chapters and the bill has yet to become a law. I still have to read all of chapter eight, mostly because I am unable to read a course syllabus correct.

So now I am just waiting for the debate to end so that I can finish reading. I am also hoping that I am able to start reading before my roommate comes back, and  I would like to be done by 11:00 PM. I highly doubt that’ll happen.

I am also eating Kettle Corn that my friend’s roommate gave me. It is actually really good and most of the kernels actually popped.

I really did not want to go get help for computer science due to the fact that it would be from 6:30 PM-8:00 PM, and I was worried about those damn people in creepy clown costumes. It hasn’t happened anywhere around here yet, but I think there is a good chance it will( this is not entirely true, but my friend thinks so, so I am just agreeing).

It is now 10:20 PM.

My high of the day-I think I made a friend, or at least an acquaintance. An acquaintance, it is an acquaintanceship. My low of the day-I texted my mom more than four hours ago, still has not texted me back, it just bothers me.

It is now 10:25 PM.

I do not know how much longer the debate is and I have not seen all of it, but I am going to have to say that Kaine has won this one. Strange how the Hillary campaign seems to be so much better at debates than the other candidate, I wonder why.




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