Blog #32, Day 39.

Monday October 3rd, 2016 at 11:56 PM.

It took everything within me today to restrain myself from not saying anything about Mean Girls. I made it until 8:30 PM.

I almost forgot to write tonight, which is kind of weird because it has become such a big part of my routine. I think it is because I was in my friend’s dorm tonight so it just threw off my schedule a little bit.

I originally was just going to go to the vending machine with her, but then I went back to her dorm. The vending machine is practically empty, I had to get a Butterfinger. I really hate the vending machine for one specific reason-it drops the food from so high that what ever you got is now smashed. I think it is annoying.

My English professor cancelled class again tomorrow so now I will have a five hour break in between. I always tell myself that I will go back to sleep when I get back from my first class, but I never actually do. Let’s hope I change my ways tomorrow.

I also had to eat lunch alone today, which was not really that bad, but I would definitely like to avoid it in the future. I did eat dinner with my friend though.

I got my grade back on my “Why I Value”, it was a 92. I never have been a good writer so I’m not angry about it.

I had to fill out a midterm evaluation sheet for my calculus class and let’s just say that I did not write any kind words o  it.

I need to go to bed now if I want to get at least seven hours of sleep in.

It is now 12:22 AM.

Again I qant to apologize for any spelling errors. I am doing on my phone again.

My high of the day-finding a website that integrates for you. My low of the day-eating alone at lunch, I genuinely do not believe that it wil ever not be awkward.




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