Blog #30, Day 37.

Saturday September October 1st, 2016 at 11:54 PM.

I honestly did not know the date, seeing as I did not have to write it down at all today.

In fact I did not have to anything today.

I guess if I were to stay at school for any weekend, this one would have been the best. I do not really mind being in my dorm alone, mostly due to the fact that if I was at home I probably would spend the day in my room anyway.

My roommate had a game today at 1:00 PM, but she left the dorm at 10:00 AM, and she went home with her family after her game. So I have been in my dorm all day. I actually have not left the building at all. I did go down to the ground floor though, that’s where the vending machine is. Yesterday, there were only four bags of M&M’s left, so I bought them all. When I say bought I mean I used my dining dollars, not like real money. Even though that is real money(I’m sure it is part of my tuition somehow), it is not like physical money that I could spend on anything else. Also since  I am transferring I would not get the money back, so I figure I have to use it by December 16th. Essentially I am trying to justify spending $8.80 in the vending machine. I bought the last two bags of Doritos today.

I did have a plan to just watch Parenthood straight through the day, but of course that plan went awry. Netflix went down for two hours. At first I thought maybe it was just my internet, especially because my personal router has been acting really weird, but then I checked Twitter and found out everyone was riding that struggle bus. I honestly had no idea what to do with myself. Things like that make me worry about myself, in the sense that I rely too much on technology. And it wasn’t like all of the internet did not work, it was just one site. I probably pressed “Try Again”/”Reload” five-hundred times. I was tying the website, the app on my computer, and the app on my phone. The app on my phone did work before the other two, but being stubborn I wanted it to work on my computer.

I am currently on season 2 episode 4 of Parenthood.

Which means that I will probably finish this season and never watch it again. Maybe now that I have called myself out on it publicly (on the blog), I will hold my self accountable to finishing it. I should make a list of all the shows I have started and do not finish.

Today my friend from home called me and asked if I wanted to go get food. Um? She has become so accustomed to me coming home that she just assumed I was there.

I am currently listening to the Shawn Mendes station on Slacker. What has my life come to? I honestly think that college has made me a softer person. Definitely more vulnerable.

Also kind of weird that my mom has not talked to me at all. I mean it is not that weird because we would not have talked to each other even if I was home, but I guess I am just surprised seeing that it is my first weekend staying here. Me and my mother have an interesting-definitely not normal- relationship, never really did. I hope that one day I feel comfortable enough with myself to admit how bad my childhood actually was, whether or not it is in a blog, or to a person. Honestly though I do not think I ever will.

I was going to write more about that, but then jut decided to stop myself.

Also if there is anyone actually reading these, I would like to formally apologize to you.

It is now 12:13 AM.

My high of the day- genius engineers fixing Netflix. My low of the day- Netflix going down.





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