Blog #28, Day 35.

Thursday September 29th, 2016 at 10:16 PM.

I guess one of the main reasons that I started this blog was to be able to eventually reflect back and to see how I have learned and grown.

So you may ask, what have I learned today?

Not to be a complete idiot and decided to not to anything the night before my day off, but instead to just wait until said day off.

I have read two chapters from two different books, a essay(that was about five times longer than any essay I have ever written), and had to write a rough draft of a summary which is due tomorrow. I also had my normal everyday homework, my calculus notes and quiz.

I was able to get it all done, however it felt almost as if it were painful to do. At least now I know what I will not do next week.

I also further procrastinated today by putting off until I finished just one more hour of whatever I am watching. I think I watched two documentaries today and finished the first season of Whitney.

I did not spend any money in the vending machine today, so I guess that is a small accomplishment. I actually only left my residence hall once today. I left to go get food, that was a disaster.

At this place you can use a swipe. A swipe is comprised of a sandwich,drink, and a side. It is also more of a fast food style thing(do not want to call it a restaurant because it is definitely not that), so you order and then they call out your name and you go and get it from the counter. If you did not know my name is Emily, a name that seems to be pretty popular among my demographic. So when they called Emily this other girl went up and took my food, and I did not say anything because I am used to not being the only Emily in the room, especially now that I live with one. So I continued to wait, and turns out she just took my food, so I had to ask them to make me another one and to be totally frank that were not very happy about. If everyone could not see them making the food it probably  would have had a dash of something extra special in it.

I am also not going home this weekend. I am not really sure how I feel about it yet.

It is now 10:36 PM.

My high of the day-sleeping in. My low of the day-the forty five minutes I had to stand and wait for my food.




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