Blog#27, Day 34.

Wednesday September 28th, 2016 at 11:01 PM.

Still watching Whitney.

I did not do any of my homework for Friday which means that I will have a lot to do tomorrow. I mean how else am I supposed to spend my day off.

Having four classes a day really does suck. The first half of my day I spend sitting in a hot and sticky room just pouring sweat.

That is something I do not think I have talked about before on here. I have this thought that I sweat a lot, like over sweat. My life goal is not to get married and have kids(that is a whole other thing.), but it is to make enough money so that I can get botox in my armpits. It is a thing, just Google it.

I played some more pool today, and ate twice at the dining hall. I also spent like four dollars in the vending machine. I am doing some serious damage to my dining dollars.

I also probably lapped the campus three times today.

I am getting really tired of having to constantly walk up hill, and four flights of stairs every time I go back to my dorm. I do not get how no matter where you go it is uphill.

The worst thing about Whitney is that there are a ton of commercials, and it is incredibly annoying after a while.

I really do not have anything to talk about tonight. I guess I am just not really feeling it.


My high of the day- eating a KitKat. My low of the day-not feeling productive. To be honest I still do not feel like I did anything worthwhile.





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