Blog #23, Day 30.

Saturday September 24th, 2016 at 10:40 PM.

It is a going to be a short one today.

I did not even leave my house today.

I stayed in my bed for the greater part of the day. I mostly just watched YouTube videos and I watched a movie today too.

I had a meal that was not from the dining hall, which automatically makes it the best meal I have had all week.

I was going to do something with my friend today, but we ended not doing anything and I am not really too sure why.

Anyway, bot really much to tell about today. I am going to go finish the movie I am watching now.

It is now 10:47 PM.

My high of the day- I did not do anything at all. My low of the day-sleeping half the day away (it’s a guilt thing).



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