Blog #9, Day 15.

Friday September 9th, 2016 at 10:42 PM.

I am home in the comfort of my very own bed.

So far all I have done is lay in this bed and eat. My mom is at a convention for work, so I may not even be able to see her this weekend. I do not really mind, for me it is mostly just getting out of that death trap (my college).

My roommate and only friend at school was also leaving for the weekend, that is how I talked my mom into letting me come home.

A kid at school who is from the same town actually drove me home which was very nice of him.

I am hoping that I will finish all of my homework before Sunday, but that is not realistic. My grandparents are going to take me back on Sunday.

I have to read about a hundred pages all together, and I am not looking forward to it at all. Although who knows it might be interesting. I mean I know the English reading will not be be, but the reading for American Politics has some potential.

I am about to watch a Hallmark movie called Summer Love. I still have no idea if movie or show titles should be italicized or in bold.

Not really much happened today. I was either in class, in my dorm, or in a car. With that said I think that this is all I have to say for today.

My high of the day-coming home. My low of the day-having to walk all the way across campus in the rain or in eighty-seven degree heat with a hundred percent humidity. There was no in between today.

It is 10:55 PM.



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