Blog #8, Day 14.

Thursday September 8th, 2016 at 11:53 PM.

I’ll be honest I almost forgot to write a post tonight.

I am currently laying in my bed. I already fell asleep but then woke up due to the six bottles of water I drank today.

Anyway, I was just laying in my bed and panicked because I thought I missed a day.

I only went outside once today and that was to get some food. I did not have any classes and spent most of the day in my bed and at my desk. I think I have finally finished my English paper. I tried to do my math quiz but was not very successful. I attempted twenty three rimes and still was not able to get a hundred percent. I gave up and settled for an eighty percent. I am hoping that she grades on effort instead of correctness.

I made it all the way through the first season of Veronica Mars. A day well spent in my opinion.

Also how could I forget, I got the good news that I am going home tomorrow.

That’s all not really much to tell when you do not leave your dorm.

It is 12:00 AM.

My roommate just turned the lights off.

My high of the day- sleeping in til ten. My low of the day- my calc quiz.




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