Blog #6, Day 12.

Tuesday September 6th, 2016 at 9:56 PM.

I am sitting alone in my dorm room, it is  something I do frequently.

I did not go to my work study job today. I feel really guilty about it, but she said it would be it would be “perfectly fine”. It would also have been illegal, because I still do not have my Social Security card. That was a huge debacle. I thought I lost it last week, so at least I know where it is now.

I had three hours of math homework today, which I guess is to be expected since I am a math major. I am also in a computer science class that I struggle in for fifty minutes everyday. I did not want to take it, but it was recommended (required, basically) by my adviser told me to. It is really dificult for me but the professor is helpful, so I guess it is fine.

I also have to bring my first draft and only draft to revise. He wants us to do substantive revising, and to bring questions. I also have to go to some sort of meeting or presentation about Haiti outreach for a class that all liberal art kids have to take.

I have also been watching Veronica Mars all day or in my free time part of the day. I only had three of my four classes today which was really nice. The only thing better is when I have no classes on Thursday.

I took a shower here today, which is something I try to do as little as possible. The shower of the left never gets warm until someone flushes of course, and then it gets scalding hot. The showers are extremely gross here, and really provide no privacy for a person. All you have separating you from someone seeing you naked is a curtain. They are also set up really weird. There are three showers but the one in the middle is the entrance/exit to the other two so no one can really shower in it. Well unless your desperate.

I ate in our dining hall for the first time in a week. It was okay but the food always taste just a little bit off. I usually have three drinks in there though, so I guess you could say I am getting my three thousand dollars worth of Sprite.

It is now 10:42 PM.

I got distracted by my roommate’s family, they came in for a visit.

My high of the day- I finally got the surge protector that the school says they provide you with. Not too bad I mean I have only been here for two weeks. My low of the day- not going to my work study shift, I just feel really bad about. I also do not like to feel like I have disappointed someone.

It is 10:45 PM.




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