Blog #4, Day 10.

Sunday September 4th, 2016 at 11:16 PM.

I am back in my dorm as I am writing this in a packed dorm. My roommate has two friends over, and they will be spending the night here. I hope they will not be offended by my 7:45 AM wake up call.

I have just finished cranking out my English essay, which I will probably have to write again tomorrow.

I am still freaking out about being late to my class tomorrow, I really am praying ( even though I do not believe in that), that I will get out early from my class beforehand.

I am totally dreading these next two weeks, seeing as I told my parents that I would be fine with coming home on the twenty third. Big mistake. I have been back in my dorm for less than four hours and I already want to cry, but I can not seeing as there is three other people in the dorm with me. It’s a little awkward. To be honest I was hoping that they would stay out a little later.

I just wish I was not here.

I know it is all I talk about but it is true.

Some more drama, I still do not have my Social Security Card, which I need. Before I though it was lost or got thrown out so I guess at least now I know where it is.

I am debating about whether or not I want to mention this blog in my English essay, but I think it is just a little too personal.

I almost did not write this, as I thought it would be awkward. Now I just really want to go to bed.

Well I think this is all for tonight, this was a shitty blog. I am apologizing to my future self for that.

My high of the day- I got most of my work done. My low of the day- being back here, but seriously forgetting my Social Security Card sucks.

It is now 11:25 PM.




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