Blog #21, Day 28.

Thursday September 22nd, 2016 at 1:44 PM.

Normally, I do not start writing so early in the day because I usually like to do it at night so that I can reflect and recap my day.

I decided to go on and write now because something has happened.

My roommate has eaten my noodles, and I know that sounds minuscule and that I am being over dramatic, but those were my noodles! And to be honest I do not know if she really ate them but I am like 99.9% sure she did. The only way I could of ate them was if I did it in my sleep, which I do not think is very likely seeing as I would have get water to fill it up, put in the microwave, take it out, and throw it away. There is just no way I ate them unless I really just do not remember .

This has made me very heated (no pun intended- because of the microwave get it?). I was waiting all week to eat them and now they are gone.They were buttered garlic, and the packaging made them look so good. I called my mom, she said to just ask her cordially whether or not she ate them, but I have not seen my roommate since eleven o’clock yesterday. I also tore apart all of my food to find them, but they were already gone. I also looked into the trash can to see if the container was in there, which it was. She had to of done it.

Anyway I have watched two movies instead of doing all of my homework for tomorrow so I have to go to that now.

I will update at the end of the day whether or not she tells me she ate them.

It is 2:07 PM.

I’ll finish this later.

Update: I have texted her asking when she will be back, and I got a reply. Then I asked her if she ate them, no reply. Seems like a guilty conscience if you ask me.

Update#2: She ate them,but she was honest about it so it really is not that big of a deal, even though I made it seem like one.

It is now 10:41 PM.

I am currently sitting in bed about to eat M&M’s and wash them down with a cup of Sprite. Picture of health really.

Today was not a bad day, but I just feel like it was. The best way I can put is that I feel like life really hit me today, and also probably because of my hormone imbalance (mother nature is great isn’t she, ladies?).

My roommate still isn’t back which does not really bother me due to the fact that I kind of like being alone, especially since I am an only child and never had to share my room wit anyone before.

I went to a Calculus tutoring session, only because he asked if I would come because he was being evaluated. I think he wanted a lot of people to show up, but there was just me and one other girl. It was basically just a mindfuck. I tried to find other ways to say this, but this is the only way that it really hit the nail on it’s head. Sorry if you are not one for obscene language, but I myself am.

I also had a cheese quesadilla, which was okay I guess, but all the cheese was melt onto my fries.

Other than that I did not really do much today. I did finish my “Why I Value” paper though, which I am happy to be finally done with. I also was able to do one of the question for the take home part of my computer science class. The only problem though is that I could not even get a hundred if I tried. The in class part was worth eighty-one points, and the take home part was either worth nineteen or thirteen points, depending on which you chose. I tried the nineteen pointer but with no avail. I was able to get the thirteen pointer though, so at least I will get thirteen points out of hundred. Computer science is a class I really struggle which, but unfortunately I need if for my degree. Sad face.

Alright with all that said, I am happy to say that we figured out the great mystery of the disappearing noodles, and that I want to go to bed now.

It is now 10:53 PM.

My high of the day- watching two movies on Amazon Prime. They were The Escort and This Thing with Sarah (they had the same actor in them, that is why I watched them both). My low of the day- having to do a problem on the board during the tutoring session. It took about twenty minutes, but there were only three people watching me.




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