Blog #20, Day 27.

Wednesday September 21st, 2016 at 12:26 AM.

So I guess if we are being technical then it is really Thursday, but this is the blog for Wednesday which I believe that I am writing Wednesday night and not Thursday morning.

I have no classes tomorrow as in Thursday. See this is why I am acknowledging right now as Wednesday or else everything will seem a day later. That is why I decided to stay up so late.

I did have all four of my classes today which as it always is, it sucked. I also had my first computer science test-very bad. He gave us eleven questions and said that he would only grade the first nine. I could answer one question.

Later on on the day one of the RAs in the building was talking to me and my friend and asked us each which classes we are in. Turns out that we are both in the same computer science class, just at different times. He offered to help me whenever, but I highly doubt I will ever go up to the 3rd floor to his dorm. What can I say, I am not that kind of person. I actually still have to do the take home part, but it is not due till Friday. I hope to have it done tomorrow.

I also put all of my blogs onto WordPress, there was only nineteen so it was not too bad. I think I am looking forward to having my blogs on this platform rather than the one before. So if you ever come across another blog with the same posts it is probably.

I also had to finally have an appointment with the writing center. I actually had made two appointments for today, but the first girl never showed up. The second appointment went much better. She told me that I am very self-aware, which I think in large part is due to this blog.

I still have to finish or do my “Why I Value” paper, depends on how you look at it.

Also on a side note I think that blogging has improved my typing ability.

Mostly today I just hung out with my friend. Although I did go to the vending machine three times. I figured out that I could use the vending machine two-hundred and twenty-seven times before I run out of dining dollars, and I have to use those other wise they will just go to waste. I can already feel that freshmen fifteen coming on.

Also as I was adding my labels I realized that this was my twentieth blog. I am pretty proud of myself except for that one time I messed up.

It is now 12:56 AM.

My high of the day-eating a cookie. My low of day-getting crispy M&M’s, that was a mistake.




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