Blog #19, Day 26.

Tuesday September 20th, 2016 at 9:54 PM.

Today was a pretty good day.

Today I sat in the same room and in front of computer screen for four hours in a row to try and get a grasp on this computer programming.

Other than that I really did not do any thing. I did not even eat until 3:30 PM.

I also did something pretty foolish and waited till 6:30 PM to star any of my homework. My calculus question was pretty much impossible for me to do, and the notes were absolutely terrible and not helpful in the slightest.

I also walked around campus today for like a half hour trying to find chips. We went into four buildings in search for these chips. I think it is the most I have explored this campus yet.

I also at our dining hall today. I had pizza and tacos. Once again the did not have the soup that was on the menu. Still a major disappointment.

I also found out that I can use my dining dollars in the vending machine in our building. I have two-hundred and fifty dollars to use in three months. I do not want the money to go to waste.

Well that is pretty much it.

It is now 10:01 PM.

I think this is the earliest I have written one of these posts.

My high of the day- getting M&M’s from the vending machine. My low of the day- not getting all of my homework done.




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