Blog #17, Day 24.

Sunday September 18th, 2016 at 10:52 PM.

I am back at school.

I was supposed to go our school’s writing center for them to read and give me feedback on my essay for American Politics, but I was not able to make an appointment. Plus, I really do not want to do it.

I never did do my computer science work, but it was damn near impossible.

We went shopping on the way back to get some more food for my dorm. I am most excited about the cookies.

I already know that I am going back home this weekend which is something to look forward to and a motivation to get through the week.

I also have my first Calc II test on Tuesday that I am really not looking for.

It is now 10:59 PM.

My goal was to be done at 11:00 PM.

Unfortunately I did not have much to say within those eight minutes.

My high of the day-eating a cookie. My low of the day- not doing my computer science.




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