Blog #13, Day 20.

Wednesday September 14th, 2016 at 10:24 PM.

No classes tomorrow is the best thing to happen here so far.

I had all of my four classes today,  and I actually did not get as much homework as I thought I would or normally do.

I am currently in my friend’s dorm and we are watching Neighbors, and I am writing this post. We went to both of the libraries tonight to find a movie. The first library only had historical documentary types of movies.

We also went to our campus’ take out place that opens at 8 PM. We decided to wat there too. There was a group of four boys who I believe were euchre. Anyway we gave them all of the fries we did not eat and the halves of ou wraps. I actually ate at the dining hall twice today.

I ended that there because I am writing this on my phone and I just got a text from my mom. Apparently at this point I will not be going home, my stomach actually dropped and I would cry but I do not want to in front of someone. This sucks.

I really don’t understand it because they did not have to pick me up last. She said it is because he has a party but he had one last week. I am really upset about this so I think I will just end it here. Sorry if that seems dramatic, I really am not a drama queen. I just don’t want to be here.

My high of the day- I saw two dogs. My low of the day- I think that is pretty obvious.

It is now 10:40 PM.


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