Blog #10, Day 16.

Saturday September 10th, 2016 at 11:58 PM.

The big 1-0. To be honest I am surprised I have stuck with this for ten days, and a little proud of myself.

I spent a lot of my day in bed, but I did actually leave my house today. My friend picked me up and we went to her house. We also went to Wendy’s for their four for four special.

I did not to any of my homework which in retrospect was not my greatest idea.

Also I have to say that I really enjoy Lady Gaga’s new single, Perfect Illusion.

I will be going home tomorrow at one o’clock. My grandparents are going to take me back, the only good thing about it is that I will probably do my homework once I am back in my dorm. Mostly because I will not have anything else to do.

I did not really do much today.

Oh, how could I forget I made pancakes. They actually turned out really well, and I was very happy about, but our maple syrup was kind of gross so I just ate them plain.

I also did not do the laundry I brought home with me. I am hoping that I will wake up early enough tomorrow to do it then.

I also will probably see my mom tomorrow, she said she would be back in the morning.

I can not help but to wonder what my roommate does when I am not there. I do not really think she would go through my stuff, but it is just kind of weird to leave my stuff in the presence of a stranger. I am an only child so I have never had to worry about someone going through my stuff.

It is 12:28 AM.

I do not really have much to say. I think I will end with a celebrating ten in a row.


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